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Turning ideas into words for smart people who don't want their brands to fit in.

This got your attention

That’s step one. 
And much like that, you want your brand to stand out.
To be noticed, liked and remembered.
So first—to do it right—you need:
• a tone of voice that captivates
• a key message that penetrates
• personality-packed copy that resonates
(Yeh yeh, you probably know all this.)

You need words that sing

And I can help by crafting creative and persuasive words for your brand, that don't read like a sleazy used-car salesman on commission—or sound like a copy of your competitors.

With crisp language and confident storytelling, you can make your mark with smart, strategy-fused copy that cuts through the noise—and delivers.

Sound good?

the copywriter who makes words sing

Who I Am:

I'm Lou, Freelance Melbourne Copywriter for hire. I help brands find their voice, get their story straight, engage their audience and sell more stuff.

Sometimes, I work on big campaigns and big-time product launches, but most of my day-to-day is in marketing communications, ensuring brands express themselves clearly, consistently and creatively.

Whatever you're looking for copy-wise, I bet I can help.
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Melbourne copywriter in action


What I do:


Content Writing

Creative Concepts


How I work:

Call me crazy, but I won't sell you a silly-named copywriting process for words that'll magically wow your clients and make your customers drool. Because there's no silver bullet. So if any copywriter promises you one, my advice is simple: run.

Here's how I approach projects in three simple steps:

1. Channel a Character: Dive deep into your brand, getting to know it from the inside-out.
2. Capture an Audience: Pick the brains of your ideal customers and prospects, discovering what makes them tick and what they want and need.
3. Conjure a World: Craft the word-perfect storm for sales. Making your audience not only get to know you—but also like you, remember you, and trust you—to keep buying from you.

This process looks different for every project, because the outputs are different for every brand. Whether it's brand building or campaign communications, it starts with understanding what your copy needs to do. Our goal is to find the sharpest, simplest, and most intriguing way to make that happen—with words.

So, for all your content needs and marketing goals, I'll deliver purposeful and persuasive copy that speaks directly to your ideal customers. But I don't do generic, salesy, waffle, or boring. Sorry.

Built on creativity, strategy, and audience psychology, we can team up to craft stronger content that fully-yet-succinctly captures and expresses your brand personality—for wherever good words are needed.

The best part? You get more time to focus on what you do best while I handle getting the words right.


What I've done:


Who I've worked with:


What they say:

Chris Baradel

Marketing Specialist & Founder, Anoque

"Lou is a fantastic copywriter and has strongly shaped the way my brand is represented, which I believe has influenced its digital success when words are so important. Highly recommend."

Murray Raeburn

Quest Beverages

"Lou’s intuition and perceptiveness is so on point, that briefing him on my brand was almost entirely through a casual conversation. I couldn’t believe how well and quickly he nailed our tone of voice and personality. As a writer though, Lou’s true genius is that he builds on nuances and brings your brand story to life in ways you hadn’t considered. I couldn’t speak more highly of his copywriting."

Brooke + GUill


"We needed SEO-friendly descriptions for our products and Louis went above and beyond to produce them in a timely and efficient manner. He managed to combine the required keywords with great creative writing, and the result were seamless texts that not only followed Google rules but also read beautifully and described our products perfectly."



"As part of my new brand identity, Lou was skillfully able to capture my brand story and creatively roll it out through catchy and distinctive copy – suitable for all my customers. All his copy examples and tone of voice guidelines are super practical and easy to use, allowing me to now confidently articulate my brand’s voice and create my own on-brand content."
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These are the most common questions that hit my inbox. Of course, I'm happy to answer any questions you have. But if you ask any of these, I'm going to question how quickly to respond to you.
How much do you charge?
Ah, the awkward part. But let's face it, reasonably crucial for both of us.

So here's the deal: I'm by no means the cheapest (or most expensive) freelance copywriter out there, but what you'll get is seriously good value.

Yeah, yeah Lou – but really how much will you cost?

Rest assured, we'll first agree on a set project fee to avoid any nasty surprises. Typically, it's based around my day rate of around $800-$1000 – or $100 per hour.

For a brand positioning and tone of voice development, it could be anywhere between $2,500 to $4,000.

Website copywriting, from around $2,500 for a small site to $6,500 for a big one.

All depends how long your brand's particular ball of string is.

But let's be clear— you're not just paying for words on a page. (So sorry if that's all you're expecting.) You're investing in creativity, character, charm, clarity, style, strategic thinking, experience — and a whole lot more.

And usually, you'll get the extra words that perhaps didn't make the cut for the channel I've written for, but may prove great for other brand touchpoints. Though that's only if you're a dream client and remained lovely to me.
Will I receive a written quote?
Yes, before you commit to anything, you'll receive a written quote or proposal outlining the cost and scope of deliverables.

After a call with you to nut out your specific needs, I'll take a day or so to do some math, as every project is different and quoted thoughtfully and accordingly.

Fees cover copywriting, two rounds of edits, research, and all client meetings. Clearly I can't charge for the amount of space you're going to occupy rent-free in my mind, so all-in-all, you're scoring a bargain.
When do I pay you?
If it's our first time working together, I'll ask for a 50% deposit before starting work — or if your job is over $500. Then your balance will then either be paid at project stages or on completion, we can discuss.

Also, I won't object to being paid promptly upfront. It may move your job faster up in the queue. Or, if it's a super-fast turnaround, I may be able to squeeze your project in and charge a rush fee for my lost sleep.
How fast will I receive my copy?
Woah, settle down. We haven't even chatted yet.

From start to finish, my projects run around 3 weeks. Yet I tend to under-promise and over-deliver, getting them done faster when I'm on a roll and still enthusiastic.

Of course, if your project is an absolute behemoth, we'll work together on a timeline of delivering copy in stages.
How exactly will I receive my copy?
I've considered sending quill-written rolled-up paper via carrier pigeon. But I've yet to follow through on that consideration.

Most times you'll get your copy in a .pdf and .doc – or a Google Doc link. Or if I'm feeling fancy, you'll get your copy in a lovely slide deck presentation with your brand logo on it, perhaps.
How does the process work?
Generally after a kickoff meeting, you'll see a first draft of copy in seven to ten working days. You'll then have a couple of days to review for any changes. Then I make the tweaks. (Sometimes that step gets repeated, but rarely.) Then the final round of copy comes to you in around two days.
Who are your copywriters?
It's a one-man quality-controlled circus around here. So you get me, Lou.

If you don't want to wait around for me to be free enough to write for you, I understand, as I can only sling so many words at a time.

So I can (and do) recommend other copywriters whose talents I enviably treasure – and could even be a better fit for your project than me.

If that all sounds reasonable, sensible and doable, let's get your show on the road.


Let's have words.

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