Hello, You

I’m Lou—Melbourne Freelance Copywriter & Creative Chameleon.

I’ve spent my life as an actor, singer, storyteller and copywriter—blending a particular set of skills to help get your brand noticed.

Louis Lucente – Melbourne's Best-Looking Freelance Copywriter 2022. (As awarded by my mother.)


Sure, I get it. You know exactly what you want to say, but just not how to say it. Or, you're tired of dull waffle that simply takes up space and reads like a generic chatbot.  

That's where I step in. My thing is blending the art of words with a science that works—pushing for copy that's artful and impactful.

Sometimes, that takes creativity and charm. Other times, it's about brutal simplicity and well-told truth.

But 9 times outta 10, it's about understanding what we need your words to do. Then taking the time, doing the research, and sharpening the thinking to ensure we absolutely hit the mark.

This means that words are the last thing you'll get from me. No shortcuts. No regrets.


Because you're not like everyone else. You have your own vibe. A sound, a rhythm, a personality that's authentically yours.The best brands all do. You might not even be fully aware of it yet.

No matter the brand or market, your challenge is the same—that vibe has to vibe with your audience—to move and shake them.

You need the right kind of words to share the right kind of message and build that engagement. Because when they like you, they trust you. And when they trust you, they become loyal—returning again and again.


Getting curious, I'll ask plenty of questions. I'll take the time to grasp your unique brand voice—how you think and express yourself.

Then, like Daniel Day-Lewis, I go full method, ensuring each word, each sentence, carries that unmistakable mark of your brand's personality.

My aim? Yes—greater than an Oscar-winning performance—is to help you attract clients, command attention, and make the cash registers ring.

Because when your words sing, we all win.


Full disclosure: I don't work with everybody. I don't have the time or the bandwidth.

Because if you want more bland, more jargon, more fluff—I'm not the copywriter for you.

If you want someone who knows what they're doing and knows how to make your words sing, good. Hit that button below ↓

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