Hello, You

I’m Lou – Melbourne Freelance Copywriter and Creative Chameleon. And I’m here to help you dial up the power of your words. See I’ve spent my life as a storyteller, lighting up stages and screens — that’s given me a rare set of skills that can really get you noticed.

Louis Lucente – Melbourne's Best-Looking Freelance Copywriter 2022. (As awarded by my mother.)


I understand. You might know exactly what you want to say but just not how to say it. Or you might be like me – tired of boring communications that don’t resonate with people.

Let’s combine powers. The pen is mightier than the sword. You bring the match and I’ll bring the spark. We can get direct, without being dull. We can be crisp and still leave our mark.

We’ll play it cool – balance the art of words and the science of what works. Sometimes it’ll take creativity and charm. Other times we’ll strike a stronger chord by being simple.

When we’ve got that melody right, the words will flow like music. They’ll sing.


And I get it. You’re different. You have your own rhythm and sound.

Whether you’re a corporate business coach or organic beauty brand, your challenge is the same... the personality living and breathing in your communications has to echo with your audience. You need the right words to share the right message to build engagement with your customers. Because if they like you, they'll trust you.


I’m curious, so I’ll ask you a lot of questions. I’ll take the time to get to know you and discover your voice - ie. what you think and how you say it. You’ll become my favourite character study — drawing from everything I can absorb to channel into every piece of copy.

Together, we’ll blend a language of sales and style that will fuel your brand conversations.

Hell, I don’t want an Oscar, I just want to help win you clients and generate conversions.

When your words sing, everybody wins.

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