Do you have the exact words that cause ears to prick up and notice?

Think about it.

Words do more than fill a page. They're the voice of your brand, the most cost-effective yet visible element in branding. So, in essence, they're key.

But strong brand copywriting isn't just about a catchy tagline or a few clever social media posts. It's about crafting a consistent, engaging narrative across all interactions with your audience. It's about speaking their language, building trust, and delivering clear, consistent messages that make a lasting impact. And it's about doing all that, without sounding like every other brand that does anything remotely similar to you.

A vital part of brand copywriting is establishing a unique tone of voice. If your brand were a person, who would it be? Together, we'll uncover your brand's personality and create language that truly represents its distinct character.

Remember: differentiation is essential. So we'll identify what makes your products or services unique and highlight their value. The goal? Positioning your copy in a way that keeps your customers fully engaged and constantly aware of the benefits you bring.

The Roadmap:

  • Discovery: Kicking off a deep dive to understand your brand, audience, and goals.
  • Direction: Mapping out a strategy that aligns your copy with your brand’s objectives.
  • Drafting: The creative bit — lots of thinking, writing, re-writing.
  • Development: Combing through and refining the content together for greatest clarity and impact.
  • Delivery: Applying the final touches before handing over your polished copy, ready for you to start using wherever it's needed.

Now’s the time for engaging, on-brand copy that charms the pants off your audience.

Let’s catapult your brand message with:

  • Clear Websites & Landing Pages
  • Convincing Emails & Direct Mailers
  • Charming Press Releases
  • Cohesive Promotional Materials

We can build on your communications through:

  • Tone of Voice Development
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Mission & Inspiration
  • Brand Taglines, Straplines & Slogans
  • Product & Service Descriptions
  • Keyword & SEO Optimisation

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Happy clients who've chosen me as their Freelance Melbourne Copywriter.

"I had the pleasure of working with Louis where he created all of the marketing material and copy for my subdivision project . Via zoom he held a briefing where I described my company and its values, the project and the message I was trying to convey. What followed was very impressive copy which exceeded my expectations. In my opinion, done right, marketing copy is one of the highest forms of writing and Louis has a way of attaching emotion and creating a visual representation using words. His careful curation of words told a story that created desire and impact, and as a small business owner this is exactly what we need to successfully deliver our product. I highly recommend this artist for any copy project."

Moises Lopez

Director – Marbella Developments

"We might start another company just to have Louis work with our team again. Not only do his words sing, but he has a wonderful personality and the ability to have an effortless conversation yet bring out so much meaning. This definitely spoke to us two NY-based entrepreneurs who were looking to speak to a global audience but stay true to our voices. Louis was somehow able to capture and express our personalities, company vision and collective voice from one meeting, not an easy feat! We are so pumped to have had a powerhouse with words like Louis to level up our brand and I highly recommend his work if you are looking to do the same with yours."

Victoria Tkacheva

Co-Founder - Curated People

"Louis was super easy to work with. He quickly understood our brand and after some great energetic chats, also understood our vision for the future and how words could help. The first piece Louis put together for us was absolutely bang on, and to be honest, I didn't doubt him for a second. The piece has amazing flair and as I read it had a grin on my face, so well done! We will certainly continue working with Louis on more copywriting work across our brand."

Tim O'Sullivan

Co-Founder - BAE Juice

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