7 Simple Copywriting Tips to Make Your Words Sing

Good copywriting is the difference between standing out and losing out.
And great copywriting? Well, that does a whole lot more.

Yet no great copywriter was ever born great. It's a skill. And practice makes perfect.

But it's no secret, anyone can learn how to write better copy. It all comes back to knowing the basics.

You know how to read – and you know how to write. And with a few simple pointers, you'll quickly know how to make it count with any piece of copy you attempt to write.

Are you ready?

No. 1 – Make it Personal

You're not writing for everybody, so choose somebody. And once you've picked that one person – talk to them.

Make them feel special. Make them feel heard. Make them feel.

Use 'you' wherever you can. It adopts a friendly style that captivates and speaks to your reader.

Even ask questions – it creates movement like a dialogue and will keep them engaged.

You got it?

No. 2 – Make it Conversational

Remember, you're writing for humans – not robots.

If you write how you speak, you'll be on the right track to building trust with your reader.

Use short words and simple language to keep your message clear.

Avoid jargon or complicated terms, they crowd the page and muddy the purpose.

Think: One thought per sentence. One idea per paragraph.

Now, you can't go wrong.

No.3 – Make it Scannable

Audiences today skim and scroll – especially when reading on screens. So copy should be easy to read and quick to digest.

No chunky paragraphs. Allow plenty of white space on the page.

Break-up your style from slabs of text and straight-line writing:

• Use headings and subheadings to signpost each section

• Use bold to highlight key ideas and quotes

• Use lists, numbers and bullet points to display information

(Case in point)

No.4 – Make it Interesting

Your audience doesn’t want facts, they want hacks.

Excite them and entice them with what they've always been looking for:

- Answers
- Benefits
- Solutions
- Secrets

Leave no doubt in their mind about what you offer them and how much they need it.

You dangle the carrot to leave them wanting more...

No. 5 – Make it Specific

What are you ‘really’ trying to say? Who are you ‘really’ speaking to? Stick to that.

Because that's the real purpose behind your copy – to state your intention and drive your audience to action.

Get to the point. Repeat it if you must. Then back it up with examples and show proof.


No.6 – Make it Memorable

Being direct doesn't mean being dull. Be distinct.

Don't be afraid to throw your audience a curveball.

Tell a story. Share an opinion. Sprinkle some personality.

Say something only you would say to stand out.

I want to be a ninja warrior.


No.7 – Make it Count

Your copy should be lean and mean. Write without fear, edit without mercy.

Read it out loud. Then get somebody else to read it. Check for spelling and grammar. And double-check for flow.

Remove any fluff – words like 'very', 'really' and 'that' are usually pretty useless.

And last up:

*from David Ogilvy's typewriter*

"Every word in the copy must count.”


Make sense? Hope so. 

And sure, your copywriting prowess may not grow overnight. But stick with it – it will grow.  

And in the meantime, if you need help dialling up the conversion-kicking power of your words, you know where to find me.

A creative copywriter saying a big hello to you.