To Blog or Not To Blog? That is the question.

When I say the word blog, what comes to mind?

I picture a hipster sitting in a suburban coffee shop, with an oversize laptop and even bigger soy latte.

He’s casually typing away at his digital dear diary – full of millennial opinions and emotional baggage. He’s funneling some tortured reality through new-age poetry and secondhand rock-lyrics. 

I’m sorry. I’ve basically just described myself.

And the fact is – you don’t care. 

That’s my point. That’s not what a blog is. Certainly not anymore. 

You’ve started a brand? Start a blog. 

Blogs are your ticket to stronger content – the essential part of any successful marketing strategy. They are the key to actively engaging with your target audience. 

Recent stats indicate that content marketing – including blogging – generates 3 times more leads than paid search advertising

Case in point: When you share a blog post across your social media channels, it’s sparking an extra-level of brand engagement, beyond advertising, that also generates awareness and traffic back to your site. Score.

There lies a big part of blog effectiveness – to grow your audience organically – and more affordably. 

In this digital age, it’s rare for businesses to not have blogs, and if they don’t, they are missing out on a crucial communication opportunity. 

It’s reported that 77% of total internet users read blogs. That’s some epic scope you should really start to address.

What is a blog exactly?

Your blog is the chance for your brand to drive the discussion you want to have with your target audience. 

Think longer-form content, somewhere between the 500 – 2000 words. The overall word-count really depends on your brand and your target audience. Different niches will require a different blog-length to maximise engagement and effectiveness. 

Sometimes it’s helpful to think of your blog like your playlist. Each tune you add to is another blog post. You might add a ballad, then an up-tempo – an acoustic track followed by a hard-hitting jam. 

While all the songs may be within the same genre or era, they are variations on the theme, your brand. 

Not your band. Unless you have one – if so, you need a blog!

You’ve got a story? You’ve got a blog post. 

Here’s your chance to broadcast your latest thoughts, react to world events, or even tell an interesting tale. 

By sharing engaging and informative content that emulates from your brand voice, you’re building connection and confidence with your customers, and establishing their trust as a real brand – not just some cyberspace entity. 

What’s the point of having all that brand personality and never getting to show it. 

Blog posts can be a little more casual and informal than standard business communications, and people love that.

With the power of storytelling and other creative writing techniques your brand can really steer the ship. You can show-off your brains with an expert opinion, or take us behind-the-scenes where the magic happens. 

Plenty of blog posts can even be crafted without even mentioning your products or services – yet still manage to attract views and engage audiences. 

Marketing without feeling like marketing? Cool huh!

Human beings are naturally free-thinking and strong-willed– but let’s face-it, the more you lead them to water, the more likely they are to drink. 

What do people want from a blog post?

Well, everybody is always hungry for something. 

Here’s your chance to satisfy them – for nothing. 

Your audience wants a token they can take away from a blog post or piece of content. Something of quality or a lasting impression they can cling to. 

It could be something as simple as learning some new tips or tricks, or you could go more complex depending on your offering.

  • Say I sell skincare products – having a series of blog posts in ‘How To Get Your Skin Regime Shimmering’, aligns with my brand and directly targets my customers needs. 

Blogs that offer nothing in the way of offering something of quality, may as well be clickbait.

When they do click–through, it’s important to make it worth their while. 

You can ask direct questions, prompt discussions, find out what they need to know from your customers. You may uncover the kind of content they want to see from your brand, and what is going to resonate. 

You’re highlighting your brand as the authority, solidifying trust in your audience that you’re the go-to in your field. I mean, is there anything more important than that in business?

Something noteworthy happened in the news? Why not share your brand’s reaction or your support for a particular cause. 

Remember quality content shouldn’t be filled with cheesy-sales or false promises. 

Your blog is about the closest thing your brand can get to having an authentic conversation, and channeling a human-to-human style of connection is always the aim. 

How long does a blog post take to write?

If you’re asking this, the fact is – you don’t have time. 

You’re probably already running your business, all the day-to-day tasks, doing what you do best!

Where is time to craft a personalised and engaging blog post that’s been optimised for SEO efficiency and hitting all the right marks? 

I understand. This is my blog, remember. 

That’s where you need a content writer. 

Someone who can absorb your ideas, create content themes, and write blog posts that sizzle. 

We should talk. 

I’ll form engaging, informative content that creatively channels your brand character and ethos – keeping it benefit-rich, charged for connection, and geared for conversions. 

Stuck on ideas? That’s ok, I come equipped with plenty of them too. Buy me a coffee – you might get a couple for nothing. 

It’s not a question of importance anymore, now’s the time to get your brand blog firing!

A creative copywriter saying a big hello to you.